A Russia-based group of companies providing solutions in brand identity, advertising, creative design, digital marketing and analytics.

About Platforma group

We proudly live and work in Vladivostok, the most energetic business and cultural hub of the Russian Far East.

With over 10 years of experience in our field, we promote companies and brands in a simple, creative, audience-oriented and cost-efficient manner:

Our clients mostly are

Companies that originated from Vladivostok and have grown to become prominent federal brands (e.g. Siemens Finance);

Moscow-based companies outsourcing marketing and advertising functions to our specialists and enjoying our top-notch quality of service for reasonable (if compared to Moscow) prices despite the time difference;

Foreign companies from Asia Pacific countries pursuing a goal to enter the Russian market; for them Vladivostok is considered a perfect way to start from and win the whole lot.

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Avenue of 100-year Anniversary of Vladivostok 155k5, Office 203
Vladivostok, Russia, 690068

E-mail: tz@platforma.pro
First contact call: +7 908 448-94-49 (GMT +11 hrs)